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A Godly woman’s Funeral

My best friend just buried his mother.  She was in her mid 50’s and was tragically killed in a car accident, but she wasn’t in a car.  She was in London for a friend’s wedding with her sister, when crossing the street, she was struck by a car and obtained severe head trauma.  By the time her family arrived from the States, all they could do was say their goodbyes.

It’s such a sad story, but there is a silver lining.  There is a happy ending.  Liz knew Jesus, and she loved him well.  The funeral was the largest and most hope filled funeral I had ever attended.  The message of Jesus was communicated very clearly because Liz lived it.  There were hundreds of lives there who had been touched by her love, and it was an incredible display of respect and honor.  I was full of emotion, not only at her death, but when thinking of her heavenly escape.

 My friend used to say that he liked funerals more than weddings.  When I first knew him, I thought this was the strangest comment ever spoken.  Now, he’s buried his mother, a Godly woman.  We got together yesterday and talked, and now I know what he means.  We said calmly to each other in agreement, “I hope I go out like that.”


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It is for ourselves that we grieve when someone dies. Jesus or no, it hurts.

Comment by CyberCelt

Oh my. That is too bad but at least her son knows where she is. Sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love fall too.

Comment by Karen

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